We’re here to prove that a plant-powered lifestyle can be simple, healthy and delicious. Our easy-to-follow blender recipes are super nuritious, full of flavour and convenient for busy lifestyles. Pepp iconUse our Pepp Plan to boost your mood and improve your health.

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Shopping List

Preparation is key in any journey. If you’re at the beginning of your transition to a plant-based diet then this is really your go-to list for your new lifestyle – we call it your Pepp Pack. There are probably a few things on there that you’re not familiar with yet but you will soon grow to love them – if you keep stocked up with these items then you’ll be a very healthy and happy vegan!

What about all those questions people keep throwing at you about nutrient deficiencies? Stop worrying about them, show the doubters this list and ask them to compare the nutritional value of what they consume to it. That ought to shut them up!

On the items that are a little more unusual or can be expensive, you’ll find a link to where you can buy them from – we’ve even shopped around to find some of the best deals to save you the hassle. (No problem, we want to make this simple!) Unlinked items will be readily available in your local supermarket. (We’re sure you’ll come across a reasonably-priced broccoli pretty easily!)

Let’s start shopping…

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Serving Suggestions

Our blends can be eaten in loads of different ways – that’s what makes them so flexible and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Potted with pitta
Poured over pasta
Slurped as soup

Simply sip as a smoothie or scoop with a spoon

Or why not come up with your own serving suggestion?

Don’t forget to upload your meal ideas to instagram and tag with #mypepplife – each month one lucky winner will receive a Forever Pepp Pack. That’s a lot of ingredients!

Find us on instagram: @mypepplife

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Pepp Plan

The Pepp Plan is simple to follow and you can use our recipes at times that suit you – breakfast, lunch, dinner, or inbetween – so you can fit them in with your routine. At times you may want to use them as a complete meal (say as a breakfast smoothie or lunchtime soup) but at others you might prefer them as a starter (serve up as a dip with some crudites or bread – great for sharing!), side dish (toss with those leafy greens to add a little excitement), sauce for your main meal (over rice, pasta or roasted veg) or after-dinner dessert.

Here are your six simple steps to plant-based success:

  1. Stock up with the ingredients from the Pepp Pack
    (Forever ingredients for your pantry & Fresh ingredients for your fridge or freezer.)
  2. Check out our tasty recipes (7 savoury & 7 sweet – yum!) and choose two blends per day* (one of each works best but, hey, we’re not judging!)
  3. Enjoy them however you fancy – check out our flexible serving suggestions or come up with your own.
  4. Share your success – upload your tasty-looking food pics to instagram tagged with #mypepplife to inspire others. (You could even win a whole load of Pepp Pack goodies!)
  5. Each week you’ve packed in loads of nutritious ingredients with a whole host of health benefits.
  6. Enjoy feeling great – hooray!

That’s it. (We told you it was simple)


*for optimal results, ensure you’ve eaten the full range of recipes throughout the week.

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What makes our Pepp Blends so great?

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Nutritious –
packed full of goodness to boost your energy, improve your mood and benefit your overall health.
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Tasty –
carefully crafted flavour combinations to wow your tastebuds.
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Flexible –
eat them how you want, when you want.
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Speedy –
prepare in 15 minutes or less with little cooking required.