Is a Pepp Life for me?

If you’d like to follow a healthy diet and boost your energy levels then the answer is probably yes!

At Pepp, we believe in efficient eating – we pack maximum nutrition and flavour into our blends with minimal effort. That’s why our recipes are great for all you busy health-conscious folks out there.

We also believe in good-mood food – think slow release carbs to stabilise your blood sugar levels (bye-bye hangriness) and stuff to help you naturally release happy hormones. That’s how the Pepp Plan helps boost your mood.

Sound good? We think so.


Who are the Pepp Blends for?

Well, the Pepp Plan is for everyone but it’s particularly great for:

  • People who are transitioning to a plant-based diet wanting to make sure they’re getting all the right nutrients and need an easy-to-prepare introduction to plant-based meals.
  • People living with illness or recovering from surgery – they’re easy to eat, even when you’re feeling rubbish (And will definitely aid in making you feel less rubbish!)
  • People wanting to lose weight or cutdown on unhealthy snacks – our blends fill you up with the good stuff so you’ll crave the bad stuff a lot less. If you’re hoping to lose weight then we recomment starting the day with a blend (within half an hour of waking)
  • People suffering from depression and / or anxiety that want to combat their symptoms through improved diet
  • Athletes wanting to nourish their bodies to perform at their best.
  • People with hectic schedules who need healthy food that’s quick to prepare and can be taken to go.
  • Kids – due to all the hidden goodness (your little darlings can’t turn their noses up at it if they don’t know it’s in there!)
  • Teens who are at a crucial stage in their development and need help through pressured and demanding period (hormonal changes, exams etc.
  • Vegans who are sick of ‘those’ concerns from others – when omnis ask you those annoying ‘where-do-ya-get-your-protein-from’-type questions, point them in our direction and we’ll show ’em. (You’re welcome!)

The Pepp Plan was originally designed for those living on a plant-based (vegan) diet, to ensure they’re getting all the necessary nutrients (like omega 3s and B12) – we’d encourage those that want to benefit from the plan fully to cut out all animal products – and we hope our plan will help you to do so!

We can’t wait to show you that a plant-based lifestyle can be tasty, nutritious and simple!