Pepp Pack

Preparation is key in any journey. Let’s get started by building your Pepp Pack…

We advocate the use of a range of superfoods – (yes, that’s a hugely overused term but we think these foods really are super*). We call this the Pepp Pack – we’ve popped it into a handy list below. It’s split into Forever and Fresh foods. As our plan is designed to be used longterm, these ingredients should become staples for you. Forever foods are the ones you constantly need stocked in your pantry – if you love to bulk buy then take this list and go nuts. (You’re welcome!) The Fresh foods are what you’ll need to restock every week – for reasons that you’re no doubt smart enough to work out yourself.

But lot’s of these ingredients look like, erm, health foods – isn’t everything going to taste like I’m chowing down on the contents of my local branch of Holland & Barrett? (Other health food stores are available.) Fear not, there’s a lot of healthly stuff on here (health is pretty important, right?) but our blends taste anything but healthy – think creamy textures and decadent flavour with plenty of yummy seasoning shining through – if you like your food bland then please look for the nearest exit.

Surely this is going to put a big dent in my bank balance though? Alright, you’re gonna have to shell out a bit initially but if you bulk buy all the Forever ingredients then all the recipes work out to be extremely cost effective. It’s also important to remember that the blends will be very filling, so you should naturally cut down on post-meal snacks, which will be a considerable cost saving.

Forever Fresh
Chia seeds Broccoli (x1 small head)
Flax seed (ground) Mushrooms (x2 250g packs)
Pumpkin seeds Onion (x2 small)
Nutritional yeast Sweet potato (x3)
Peanut butter powder Avocados (x3 small)
Beetroot powder Strawberries (x1 small pack)
Sriracha sauce Blueberries (x1 small pack)
Dried garlic Bananas (x3)
Turmeric Unsweeted nut milk (of your choice) or hemp milk (or bulk buy longlife version)
Dried rosemary Lemon (x2)
Salt (Pink Himalayan preferably) Mint leaves (1 pack)
Olive oil
Chickpeas (tinned)
Coconut milk
Chai tea
Matcha green tea
Coffee (beans, ground or instant)
Cocoa powder
Cherries (tinned or dried)

Oh, we’re also going to need a few tools to help us a long the way: a blender (obviously) with cup to hold 600ml, kettle, microwave and stove, plus a few pots and pans will do nicely.

Recommended Stores:

Here are a few places we know you can get great value ingredients. (All of them can be found across these five sites only – no need to go searching here, there and everywhere!)

Real Food Source


Pukka Teas


Amazon (If you’re unsure where to go, a good ol’ search on Amazon usually does the trick.)

a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.