Shopping List

Preparation is key in any journey. If you’re at the beginning of your transition to a plant-based diet then this is really your go-to list for your new lifestyle – we call it your Pepp Pack. There are probably a few things on there that you’re not familiar with yet but you will soon grow to love them – if you keep stocked up with these items then you’ll be a very healthy and happy vegan!

What about all those questions people keep throwing at you about nutrient deficiencies? Stop worrying about them, show the doubters this list and ask them to compare the nutritional value of what they consume to it. That ought to shut them up!

On the items that are a little more unusual or can be expensive, you’ll find a link to where you can buy them from – we’ve even shopped around to find some of the best deals to save you the hassle. (No problem, we want to make this simple!) Unlinked items will be readily available in your local supermarket. (We’re sure you’ll come across a reasonably-priced broccoli pretty easily!)

Let’s start shopping…